Autism Referal Form

Again, failing to send documents home when dated..

Notice the red circles? The lack of the information from the school in these boxes created another 23 day delay in processing. Was informed on Feb 1st, 2012 that school forgot to include A’s DOB and OEN student number in the referral. Something they were responsible for filling out. Because of that, the referral was “sent back to the school”.

Another fine example of the politics involved when trying to get support services for your child. What may have been yet ANOTHER clerical error turned into unreasonable delay and one would assume a simple phone call would suffice.  The school did not indicate when they received the form back or why it was bought to our attention one day before the Special Ed Consultant was picking up the package for IPRC?

Can parents in my position really believe this or is this another delay tactic? What is the purpose?



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