Some Progress…. and Some Questions

Spoke with A’s teacher today after school. She said she made contact with our Behavioural Consultant and that she will be coming to the classroom Mar 1 @ 12:45pm to observe A.  Behavioural Consultant cannot attend any earlier because of P.A Days and vacation in the last week of February. I guess letting the Vice Principal know that I know the school hasn’t bothered to make contact with the Geneva Centre in three weeks and that their errors are being documented got things rolling (Feb 1, 2012).

But I can’t help but wonder if the school purposely delayed contacting the Geneva Centre so that the TDSB Special Ed Consultant can observe A in the classroom first. TDSB Special Education Consultant J.P will be observing A on the Feb 15th. Our Behavioural Consultant was ready before and after the SST meeting which reflects poorly on TDSB. It seems it is more important for TDSB to look good than to help students with special needs and teachers as soon as possible.

I’m left scratching my head because on Pg 103 of the Special Education Report, TDSB states that they collaborate with 5 service providers of the Toronto Partnership for Autism Services (TPAS). One of which includes the Geneva Centre.

Yet on Pg 105 of the Special Education Report, TDSB lists all their External Partnerships with Community Agencies. Four of the five TPAS are listed and the Geneva Centre for Autism is not one of them.

Parents have the right to seek assistance and input  from outside Community Agencies for the IEP and IPRC process.  J.P. was said to be picking up the IPRC package on Feb 2nd, 2012. Conveniently, I have not been permitted to send any of my documentation in nor have I seen what the school has put inside the package.

While statements from N.A have yet to be verified as true, I am hoping for the best AND erring on the side of caution!!


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