TDSB Special Education Report

I found a link called the Special Education Report entailing different objectives, SEAC contacts and much more. It was hard to find on their website (after many times of searching for information), therefore somewhat inaccessible. From Page 17 and onward, you can find more detail regarding core beliefs of the TDSB for Special Ed, policies of early intervention, timelines, etc,. It is available for download in .PDF format. This is a must read for all parents with children in the TDSB system.

I’m amazed at my findings:

  • Parents with children starting JK should register their children up to 9-12 months BEFORE entrance to the TDSB JK program
  • Early Intervention programs and placements include: Diagnostic Kindergarten, Kindergarten Intervention Program, and Kindergarten Early Language Intervention
  • Three pages dedicated to IEP information
  • *Within 15 days of a written parent(s) request for an IPRC, the principal must provide
    parent(s) with a copy of the  Parent(s) Guide to Special Education  and a written
    statement of approximately when the committee will meet*
  • **Principals must inquire in advance of the meeting whether the parent(s) have any
    additional documentation for the consideration of  the IPRC. The principal must then forward this
    documentation to the IPRC to be received at least five days prior to the meeting

*To date, I have not received a copy of the Parent’s Guide to Special Education or a written statement of approximately when the committee will meet.

**Must monitor this once I gain knowledge of A’s IPRC meeting date. I am eager to submit documents from physicians, various community agencies and many others who have been involved over the years. I will not allow any more delay in using my voice to provide input into crucial steps such as the IPRC meeting.


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