Toronto District School Board Website – a Parent’s Navigational Nightmare..

And there it is.. the Toronto District School Board website. What is supposed to be a tool for parents, students, members of the community and media is a maze even for the most resourced individual. I spent approximately an hour and a half trying to find where I could file a complaint about School Administration (VP, Principal, Area Superintendent).  After spending quite a bit of time this weekend putting my thoughts to paper, I decided to file a complaint through the appropriate channels before taking A’s story to the media.

I found their website to be difficult to navigate and not forthcoming. The search engine on their site has kept me waiting to no avail for the last three days. I eventually came across the Human Rights Complaint process for students which seemed to be more detailed than the Special Education section of their website. However, it did not discuss filing a complaint at Board level but rather provincial level. After spending 50 minutes at this point reading and navigating, I viewed the Ontario College of Teachers website for their complaint process but am referred to talk to a Board official. Who is the official to speak with if you have talked to the School’s Principal and Area Superintendent? (TIP: You can file a complaint not just against teachers but principals, including vice principals).

Nevertheless, I returned back to the TDSB to find more pertinent information. According to TDSB’s Steps to Address Your Questions & Concerns, my concerns are not listed under the general umbrella of issues. However, the Board’s website does state that a Trustee (elected official) can be contacted as a third step in any issues. Very vague for a concerned parent who already is frustrated with the lack of information made available to the public. After some more digging under our Ward’s Trustee page, I found a slightly more informative version of Steps to Address Your Questions & Concerns.  Trustee’s role may include facilitating a resolution between myself and the School Administration. I feel somewhat apprehensive to that idea after being so open to everything and getting nowhere. The media option seems to be a sure fire way of ensuring that the School Administration pulls up their socks (and exposes what may be happening to other parents)

Thoughts? Ideas?


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