Elected School Trustees Providing More Solutions Than School Administration..

I contacted our Ward Trustee’s office this morning. I can’t say I was expecting an answer straight away; I ended up having to leave a message. Called the Area Superintendent’s office to request an Interview and wondered if I had the wrong number. The Receptionist who answered made it sound like it was her office, not quoting the actual name of the office. Again, not much professionalism.. When we had clarified whose office I was really calling, I asked to have a phone or in-person interview with the Superintendent. After sharing the juicy details – name, child’s name, school and reason for calling, she finally told me that C was out of the office for the week. Delightful. The Receptionist also asked for my phone number and said she would have C call me back directly. OK.. that’s something. Let’s see where it goes.

As soon as I hung up, the phone rang. It was the Trustee’s office returning my phone call. I began by thanking the individual I spoke with for returning my call so promptly. We talked for approximately 25 minutes where I shared some of my major concerns while she listened and paraphrased. Her statements to my concerns sounded authentic. She came up with objective solutions such as having the Special Education department call me personally and detail where A is on the list and the date of IPRC meeting. She also said that she would have the Trustee directly deal with E.S., VP and D.F. about their conduct. For the first time in months, I felt like I was heard!  While this was not what I expected, I welcomed the progress.

I will be asking for any dates, times or quotes on places on wait list in writing. TDSB violated Ontario Legislation by not providing certain documentation related to IPRC and continue to violate A’s human rights.


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